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Windy City Mutes, Inc.

Our Products

 Windy City Straight Trumpet Mute  

Our Products
Windy City Straight Trumpet Mute
Windy City Trumpet Ball Mute
Windy City Piccolo Trumpet Mute
Windy City Student Trumpet Mute
Windy City Plunger Trumpet Mute
Windy City Trumpet Stationary Cup Mute
Windy City Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute
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  All-Aluminum Straight Trumpet Mute
Provides a brilliant, muted sound that professional musicians love.

Price: $49.95 

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  Brass-Bottom Straight Trumpet Mute
Expect a warm, cozy sound that lends itself to small settings.

Price: $54.95 

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  Copper-Bottom Straight Trumpet Mute
A little more dark and secretive, yet rich and full-bodied.

Price: $54.95 

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  Practice Straight Trumpet Mute
All-aluminum but with a polymer finish that drastically reduces volume while maintaining tone quality and response.  For practice sessions or discreet warm-up.
Item #PSTM

Price: $59.95 

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