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Windy City Mutes, Inc.

Our Products


  Windy City Straight Trumpet Mute
This mute is easy-blowing and has excellent quality and sound.
    Windy City Trumpet Ball Mute
Much attention has been paid to this harmon-style mute to ensure superior performance on every occaision.
  Windy City Piccolo Trumpet Mute
Professionally designed for a full range of playing styles.
    Windy City Student Trumpet Mute
May be the best-priced metal trumpet mute on the market today.
  Windy City Plunger Trumpet Mute
No mute of this type is easier to grip or has better GROWLL.
    Windy City Trumpet Stationary Cup Mute
Provides sound as fuzzy as a ripe peach.
  Windy City Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute
Our new dimensions mute, unparralelled in tonal response.
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