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Windy City Mutes, Inc.

Our Products

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Our Products
Windy City Straight Trumpet Mute
Windy City Trumpet Ball Mute
Windy City Piccolo Trumpet Mute
Windy City Student Trumpet Mute
Windy City Plunger Trumpet Mute
Windy City Trumpet Stationary Cup Mute
Windy City Trumpet Adjustable Cup Mute
The Full Line
Tenor Trombone Mutes
Bass Trombone Mutes
Trombone Straight Mutes
Trombone Adjustable Cup Mutes
Trombone Wah-Wah Mutes
Practice Trombone Straight Mutes
Trombone Mutes

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  All-Aluminum Ball Trumpet Mute

The Wah-Wah mute with the curled-in-center design is unique to view and beautiful to hear.  The mute facade is distinctly contoured to match the bell of the trumpet for greater acoustical intonation.  This mute truly represents skilled craftsmanship.  Metal thickness is held to a very close tolerance.  This mute produces a very generous BUZZZ.  Jazz musicians love it.

Item #AABM

Price: $69.95 

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  All-Aluminum Bass Trombone Straight Mute
This easy blowing mute has surprising depth and brilliance.  It's strong carrying power allows for a wide range of expressive sounds.

Price: $76.00 

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  All-Aluminum Piccolo Trumpet Straight Mute
Elegant design and superior tone quality throughout the range of sound make this Windy City puppy a must buy.  It is available with all the differrent bottoms, allowing for different sound characteristics, and thus freedom of artistic expression.

Price: $39.95 

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  All-Aluminum Straight Trumpet Mute
Provides a brilliant, muted sound that professional musicians love.

Price: $49.95 

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  All-Aluminum Tenor Trombone Straight Mute
This mute is free-blowing in all registers and is suitable for any playing style.  Provides a sound that is muted, brillilant and distinct.  Fits all Tenor Trombone Bells.

Price: $64.00 

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  Adjustable CupTrumpet Mute
By moving the beehive-designed cup to different positions, new dimensions in sounds and tonal flexibility are achieved.  Cup won't drop off.  A specially-formulated rubber lines the rim of the cup, preventing vibration.  A pleasure to use and hear.
Item #ACTM

Price: $69.25 

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  Brass-Bottom Bass Trombone Straight Mute
Produces a warm sound that is more close and covered than the all-aluminum.

Price: $74.00 

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  Brass-Bottom Piccolo Trumpet Straight Mute
Elegant design and superior tone quality throughout the range of sound.

Price: $44.95 

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  Brass-Bottom Straight Trumpet Mute
Expect a warm, cozy sound that lends itself to small settings.

Price: $54.95 

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  Brass-Bottom Tenor Trombone Straight Mute
Provides a distinct sound that is a shade warmer and more reserved than its aluminum counter part.

Price: $74.00 

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  Bass Trombone Adjustable Cup Mute
This uniquely-designed mute provides a rich, melodious sound that can be varied by simply moving the cup to a different position.  Once set, the cup stays firmly in place.  Has a liner made of a special type of rubber to prevent vibration.  A pleasure to use, a treat to hear.

Price: $99.00 

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  Bass Trombone Wah- Wah Mute
This traditionally-designed mute is free blowing and performs well with the sliding tube in or out.  It will provide a brilliant BUZZ sound when needed as well as other unique sounds.
Item #BTWW

Price: $84.00 

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