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Windy City Mutes, Inc.

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     After thirty years of making mutes for various music supply houses, we decided to market our mutes directly to the user.  Windy City Mutes is commited to producing the finest-quality mute at the lowest possible price.  Our all-metal mutes are hand-spun in our own factory by dedicated, specially-trained craftsmen, using special alloys of Aluminum, Brass and Copper.  Rigid quality control assures superior fit and the highest level of intonation and acoustical performance.  Our mutes are durable and light-weight and they perform evenly in all registers, creating a beautiful sound, yet preserving the timbre and integrity of the instrument.

      Windy City Mutes provides a comprehensive line of  premium-quality trumpet mutes.  Most are made in aluminum but they are also available with brass or copper bottoms.  The Difference?  Most musicians agree the copper-bottom mute provides a darker, richer sound than the bright aluminum, while the brass-bottom mute tends to convey warmth and intimacy.

       In all cases appropriate Windy City Mutes features felt caps to prevent scratching and specially-formulated rubber to prevent vibration.  The highest grade cork is used to assure the musician long-lasting satisfaction.

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